East Coast. West Coast. Doesn’t matter.

Whichever side holds your rap-battle heart, everyone can agree that this Big Poppa toy, from Clutter Studios, is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The vinyl homage to Notorious B.I.G. is 6 inches tall and has three removable accessories: sunglasses, a chain, and, of course, one of the kings of rap can’t be complete without his crown.

Artist Ron English was brought in to create the figure — which has two points of articulation — after his successful line of MC Supersized collectibles. Big Poppa is a deep black with detailing in gold. His shirt reads “Mass Consumption” on the back and “BP, MC” on the front. 

The Clutter Studios figure will be sold exclusively on the Tenacious Toys website starting on Dec. 5 at noon EST. It’s $150 and is limited to 100 pieces, so act fast if you want a piece of Big Poppa forever. Find it here, and check out the figure above.

While both companies are known for their outlandish toy designs, they are New York-based, so don’t hold out for a Tupac collectible anytime soon.

Photo: Tenacious Toys