Video game fans are descending on Anaheim, California, today and tomorrow for BlizzCon, an annual convention for fans of Blizzard gaming properties.

In addition to events and signings throughout the two days, the con also offers fans a chance to see some of the upcoming merch for these properties and get their hands on exclusive collectibles.

The con-exclusive merch is available now online from the BlizzCon Store, with gear including backpacks, jackets, and mugs. Those onsite at Blizzcon can visit the Darkmoon Faire area of the con, where fans can collect and trade pins, badges, vinyl figures, capsule toys, and other collectibles — including a variety of items celebrating the World of Warcraft 15th anniversary.

Outside of exclusive merch, fans at the con can get a first look at some upcoming products, including assets from Asmodee‘s Small World — World of Warcraft Board Game (available next spring); the upcoming World of Warcraft novel, The Shining Blade (available on Dec. 26); and next year’s Overwatch novel, Hero of Numbani.

Check out the full lineup of BlizzCon events and exclusives and buy your virtual ticket now at

Photo: Blizzard