The one where we all buy every single Friends-themed dog toy and T-shirt — thank you, BoxLunch.

Recently, the pop-culture mech purveyor launched a line of adorable clothes and toys — each less than $20 — based on the ‘90s sitcom. Always be there for your four-legged BFF with the items below.

Each of the toys comes with a squeaker (or two), so don’t be alarmed by whatever that noise is. Your central pup can chew up the classic couch that the friends spent all their time on for $19.90. There’s no need for your dog to dance with the iconic turkey head toy, but it is encouraged. Dogs can also protect their house with the famous door frame from Monica’s front door, or chew on a plush Central Perk mug. The turkey, door frame, and mug are each $16.90.

Keep your furry friend warm with T-shirts inspired by the show for $14.90 each. There’s even a size chart on the website so you can make sure you have the best fit for your best friend.

For the chic, city-minded pup, there’s a plain black tee with just the logo. An outline of Joey’s head and face is depicted alongside his well-known “How You Doin’” quote on a bright blue background for the charming, flirty pups out there. Dogs who keep making mistakes deserve a little gray T-shirt with Ross’ “We were on a break” sentiment. Finally, sometimes your person is a dog, and that’s OK. A red shirt adorned with the quote, “You’re my lobster” is perfect for doggie parents who want to celebrate that endless love.

Could we be any more excited? Find the line on BoxLunch’s website now!

Photo: BoxLunch