A new steering controller is switching up the gears on gaming

ProSteer, from BoxDark Industries, launched today on KickStarter as the first handheld, analog steering controller. 

The controller has centralized torque and haptic feedback for more accurate turns, control, and steering precision. It uses patent-pending Boxed Arc Technology for analog steering that allows drivers to turn the wheel over a virtual central axel. The centralized torque feature imitates realistic wheel steering. 

With patent-pending Multi-Single Axis Control, gamers can play in three different modes. The first is analog steering via articulation. The second is rapid strafe aiming via articulation for various game styles, including first-person shooters, massively multiplayer online games, and multiplayer online battle arenas. With the final, basic mode, gamers can play in standard controller format with the 13-button and two-analog-stick gamepad and without articulation. The analog triggers have 35 degrees of linear draw and haptic feedback vibrations that simulate scenarios as gamers play, including pressing a brake pedal, running on rough terrain, shooting an automatic rifle, or crashing a car. 

ProSteer connects to PCs and Android smartphones via Bluetooth. It’s powered by Lithium-ion batteries that can power up to three hours of gameplay, and connects via USB-C connection. 

Gamers looking to test out the controller can preorder it s at pr.go2.fund/prosteer. Prices start at $99 for the earliest backers.

Photo: BoxDark Industries