Skip the mind games and head straight to the board games with the new Breaking Bad-themed Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and puzzles from the Op Games.

Fans of the drug kingpin can test their own skills — no underground lab necessary. Monopoly will feature your favorite characters and the ones you loved to hate, with tokens sculpted after icons, such as Tio’s Bell, a Gas Mask, and Heisenberg’s Hat.

Test your blue-tinted knowledge with Trivial Pursuit. It contains 600 questions from six categories centered around the storylines of the five seasons of Breaking Bad

Before buying these new Op games, you can remember what it’s like to cry over Jesse’s love interests or yell at Walter White through your screen. AMC is offering the chance to re-binge every episode with a marathon that starts on Sunday and leads to the television premiere of the movie El Camino on Feb 16.

In a Breaking Bad-worthy cliff-hanger, there’s no definitive release date for the games yet! Hang on to the edge of your seats and stay tuned to the Op Games’ website for more info.

Photo: The Op Games