Now’s your chance to secure the asset.

We’ve been waiting for details for the cutest The Child plush from Build-A-Bear Worshshop since we saw a tiny glimpse of earlier this year, and it!! is!! finally!! hereeeee!!

Needless to say, the wait was worth it.

The little green bugger will come pre-stuffed (aka super huggable) in the Build-A-Bear signature Cub Condo. It also includes two sound chips to transport you to the world of The Mandalorian: one is a 5-in-1 sound chip featuring The Child‘s signature coos, laughs, and sounds; and the other plays the theme song from the show.

The curious and mysterious little alien also comes dressed in its brown robe, features the Star Wars logo on its paw, and looks at you with those adorable, irresistible eyes.

Don’t worry, it does come with a birth certificate as well for you to relive your childhood memories.

The Child plush is available for a bounty of $59.75 on Build-A-Bear Workshop’s website. Click here to buy it now!