Source: Casetify

It’s almost time to battle (your wallet).

Out on Aug. 12, the new Casetify x Pokémon collection is packed with ’90s nostalgia, featuring Pokémon as seen in the first video game from the franchise. Phone cases, laptop covers, AirPod covers, Apple Watch bands and chargers, and more have either tie-dye backgrounds or checkered backgrounds that look exactly like the belts you wore at the height of your emo phase.

Source: Casetify/The Pop Insider

Are you feeling like taking a day-long nap? Snorlax is there for you. Maybe your singing scares people off, and in that case, Jiggly Puff is ready to be your friend. Every item features Pokémon faves for any style, including Squirtle, Marowak, Pikachu, and Charizard. The waitlist is open now for fans to learn how to catch ‘em all.

This release is the first of three series drops, all evolving from the ideas of past, present, and future. Find the collection here!