Love Dungeons and Dragons but hate playing the role of Dungeon Master? Give your DM a rest from their usual omnipotent role and make way for a different kind of fantasy experience. Have you ever wondered what a fantasy murder mystery would look like in DnD? Well, if you’re as much a fan of murder and intrigue as I am, Clue: Dungeons & Dragons may be the game for you. Give this otherworldy story a whirl and throw yourself into the familiar world of Dungeons and Dragons with a new spin!

This Wizards of the Coast version of “The Who-Done-It Mystery Game,” from the Op, calls for creative minds to explore the coastal land of Baldur’s Gate, where players are on their way to finishing an untold story of deception and intrigue.

An Infernal puzzle box, formerly in the possession of Hellriders from Elturel, has been hidden by a demon imposter among the party. Play as Sylvira Savikas, Lulu, Slobberchops, Reya Mantlemorn, and others to uncover who was slain and replaced by one of Zariel’s minions, what weapon was used, and where the hell-forged puzzle box can be found.

Clue: Dungeons & Dragons begins with two to six players in the Elfsong Tavern, and the highest dice roll determines who goes first. The Haunted Place of Long Rests is one of nine locations recognizable to those familiar with the Gate. Other iconic locations include the maze-like chambers of the Undercellar, the narrow boundaries of Wyrm’s Crossing, and the chaotic hub of Little Calimshan.

Six pewter tokens represent the lethal tools used to dispatch archangel Zariel’s victim. Work with your party members to narrow down the murder weapon; each weapon included in the game is custom-sculpted. Adventurers use a custom score pad to track what has been declared, and the game also includes six color-coded character movers, six Personality Cards, 21 Rumor Cards, 21 Intrigue Cards, an envelope, two dice, and written instructions. 

Experience the nostalgia of old campaigns on the Sword Coast, or dive into the lore of Baldur’s Gate for the first time with Clue: Dungeons & Dragons, available now in stores and online at a Barnes and Noble near you. Check out the promo below!

Photos: USAopoly