We’re only about a week away from the release of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, a remastered version of the original Crash Team Racing game, which is set to debut on June 21 for PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox One family.

However, Activision announced today that the game won’t end when players cross the final finish line. There will also be free, seasonal “Grand Prix” events within the game. Each new Grand Prix will include a new track and unlockable characters, karts, and customizations. There will also be new items dropped into the game’s Pit Stop rotation during each Grand Prix.

The first Grand Prix launches on July 3, with a new track called “Twilight Tour” and with Tawna as an earnable character.

Grand Prix Schedule

Looking to future Grand Prix seasons, fans can expect to see something very exciting: Spyro’s induction to CTR!

In a special episode of CTR TV today, hosts Chick and Stew gave some additional info about the seasonal content. Check it out below.

Photos: Activision