Five years after a group of friends (and prominent voice actors) began to play Dungeons & Dragons live online, a new book celebrating one of their campaigns is on the way.

Critical Role started as a way for friends to have fun, tell stories, and do some good old-fashioned role play. Since 2015, the group has amassed a huge following of “critters” and even has an animated series in the works.

The tabletop role-playing book, called Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, will focus on the Wildemount region from the second campaign that Matthew Mercer and his friends completed. In a collaboration with Wizards of the Coast, 304-pages open a world in which DMs can play in the Wildemount region using introductory adventures.

Adventurers can expect to discover hidden secrets, magic items, subclasses, dozens of story-inspiring plot seeds, and a new heroic chronicle system when the book comes out on March 17.

Photo: Wizards of the Coast