Imagine a world a thousand years from now. In that picture in your head — whether it’s postapocalyptic or Jetsons-esque — how do Pokémon figure in?

Pokémon has partnered with American artist Daniel Arsham to explore the questions you didn’t know you had with the help of “fictional archeology.” The Daniel Arsham x Pokémon project makes people question outside of their time with art that is meant to be looked at as if it was discovered a thousand years into the future.

In the video explanation above, Arsham shows various crystalized Pokémon including Pikachu. He says the way they are sculpted makes it so you can not tell whether they are falling apart or coming together. The idea of fictional archeology is to take objects from our time and make them feel like something outside of our experience. More details on the collab are on the way in the spring.

In other Pokémon news from this century, fans can show off their top-trainer pride with the advanced gaming buttons for quick button mapping a Pokémon Master Ball controller from Nintendo. Find it on Amazon for $49.99 and check out the design below.

Photo: Pokémon