This is the figure you’ve been looking for. Give yourself to the dark side. … It is useless to resist the temptation of Star Wars awesomeness!

The brooding Dark Lord of the Sith, one of the most fearsome antagonists in the Star Wars universe, is the first Star Wars Silver Miniature figure to be released by the epic minds at New Zealand Mint Limited. Join the dark side just in time for Halloween with this menacing, 9-centimeter tall Darth Vader.

Anakin the Betrayer is beautifully rendered in 150-gram sterling silver by 3D master sculptor Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra. He stands unmoving and sturdy. He is displayed with his dangerous lightsaber in hand, ready to strike down any rebel opposition.

This figurine comes encased in black velvet, a perfect container for any Sith Lord, tbh. The figure will also arrive inside a high-quality, Star Wars-themed case. New Zealand Mint Limited’s Star Wars Silver Miniature is available on Oct. 29 for a limited time only. With only 1,000 casts available worldwide, you’d better grab them before they make like the Bardottan people and disappear!

Photo: New Zealand Mint Limited