If you have fond memories of playing the first Resident Evil game on your original PlayStation system back in 1996 — or if you just love all things dark and creepy — then you’re going to want this new title on your wishlist ASAP.

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced Dawn of Fear, a PS4-exclusive game that is heading to the PlayStation Store on Feb. 3. The game looks like a must-play for horror fans, paying homage to classic survival horror titles, such as Silent Hill.

In the game, players navigate the world as Alex, a young man who comes home to find that his stepmother has been using dark forces to call upon an army of creatures from the underworld — talk about a warm welcome! Set in the ’90s, the game features zombies, reapers, and other terrible creatures. Players have to solve puzzles and collect clues to get these less-than-desirable houseguests out of the mansion.

Check out the hair-raising game trailer below.

Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment