DC Collectibles is proving it comes from the heart of Gotham by switching its name back to DC Direct, and DC Direct will be bringing *all* the new figures.

The company is changing its name to remind fans that its items come truly from the source because it, well, is the source. DC Direct has unmatchable access to DC editorial and talent.

It may have a new name, but it still produces the same quality collectibles. A ton of action figures and statues will debut this weekend at Toy Fair New York. The items being released include a new line based on Joker, a renewed Artist Alley line, and celebrations of DC icons, such as Harley Quinn.

The first figure in the Joker Clown Prince of Crime line will be based on an image of the villain done by Brian Bolland. A classic-comic Joker will follow with oversized features to provide a new twist.

Artist Alley will feature figures of a Victorian-era Joker by Brandt Peters, a paper-craft style Catwoman by Brittney Lee, young members of the Bat-Family by Patrick Ballesteros, and a nostalgic Dark Knight from Zach Heffelfinger. 

Other notable figures to be introduced or improved upon are DC Essentials; Batman Black and White; Harley Quinn Red, White, and Black; DC Designer Series; DC Bombshells; and Deadshot. It’s a good time to be a DC fan. But let’s be honest: Is there ever a bad time?

Photo: DC Direct