Dungeons & Dragons fans can take their campaigns on the go with a new mobile game from Ludia, called Warriors of Waterdeep.

The app is a turn-based, role-playing game (RPG) based on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. In the game, players summon a team of heroes to help them battle the dark forces threatening the city of Waterdeep. In tactical, turn-based combat, players battle monsters from the Forgotten Realms.

In the game, players can also level up or upgrade their heroes with free daily chests. The game features limited-time events, too, with exclusive rewards.

There is even a Player-vs-Player mode in the game, in which players take on teams of four to earn trophies, collect rewards, and unlock new arenas.

The free game is available now globally, both in the App Store and the Google Play Store. There below trailer gives you a peek at the game’s interface.

Photo: Ludia