Did you know that January is National Puzzle Month? I didn’t either, to be honest, but eight new Disney Collector’s Edition puzzles from Ravensburger have me ready to work on my puzzle solving in the new year. 

The Disney Collector’s Edition puzzles are 1,000 pieces each and feature iconic scenes from some of the most popular classic Disney films. The puzzle collection includes Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi, Cinderella, Peter Pan, and The Jungle Book. Each puzzle box lists the year the movie was released and showcases a beautiful illustration of the featured scene, along with a fun film reel spanning across puzzle showing smaller scenes. The boxes themselves are so pretty, I can only imagine what the finished puzzles look like. 

Ravensburger Disney Collection Puzzles

The puzzles are made with an anti-glare surface and contain individual pieces that each have a completely unique shape for some less-frustration puzzling.

Ravensburger is no stranger to puzzle making. In 2017, it created the largest commercially made Disney puzzle in the world, which contains 40,320 pieces and measures in at 22 feet long by 6 feet tall. (Um, I think I will stick with the new 1,000 piece puzzles. … Those will keep me busy for a while!)

You can find the new Disney Collector’s Edition on Amazon.

Photos: Ravensburger