Everyone’s favorite conscience is back and joining the Disney Wisdom Collectible Series this month. Now, you see, the world is full of temptations, so you’re going to need this for some inspiration.

Series seven of the collection features the wise Jiminy Cricket from Disney’s Pinnochio, along with Geppetto and Pinnochio’s adorable kitty, Figaro. Your Official Conscience is teaming up with Figaro to guide you to make moral choices, sharing the Blue Fairy’s famous quote, “Let your conscience be your guide.” These words of wisdom will be scrawled across the collection’s plush items, pins, a mug, and a journal in the level-headed insect’s bright, green color. 

Fans can pick up the three-pin set and plush (pictured) for $16.95 and $26.95, respectively. Additional — and super cute — collection pieces are listed below.

The limited release is set to launch on July 20 at the Disney Store and online at shopDisney.com. Check 0ut two of our favorites below!

Disney Wisdom Series 7 Jiminy Cricket

Disney Wisdom Journal Jiminy Cricket ($16.95) & Disney Wisdom Mug Jiminy Cricket ($18.95)

Photo: Disney