Yep, you read that headline correctly.

Today, without any fanfare (seriously, not even a post on social media), Entertainment Earth put a whopping 73 new Loungefly items up for preorder. 73! That’s a lot of Loungefly.

The new offerings include almost every style and fandom you can think of. There are full-size backpacks, passport purses, nylon pouches, wallets, and even one of Loungefly’s popular mini-backpacks, inspired by the golden suit from Wonder Woman 1984 (pictured above). Other design inspirations include  IT, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Marvel, Looney Tunes, Rugrats, Rick and Morty, Hello Kitty, Disney, Pixar, and more. (I feel like I’m out of breath just typing that!)

We weren’t kidding: This is a treasure trove of ultimate fandom proportions. (It is not indicated as such anywhere on the product listings, but perhaps these are designs that Loungefly slated as exclusives for canceled fan conventions?)

Regardless, all of the bags are expected to ship in May or June, and you can shop the full drop here.

Happy Friday!

Photos: Warner Bros., Entertainment Earth