Get ready to return to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles like never before.

On the heels of the Final Fantasy VII Remastered release last week, Square Enix announced plans for a remastered version of Crystal Chronicles, which originally debuted in the U.S. in 2004 for the GameCube.

This new version of the game will be compatible with the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and iOS and Android mobile devices. It also features updated graphics and audio; new character voiceovers; online multiplayer capability; and additional dungeons, bosses, and character appearances.

The game follows a group known as the Crystal Caravans as they search for myrrh, “a precious and rare liquid needed to cleanse and maintain a crystal protecting their world from the deadly gas, miasma.”

Check out a trailer for the remastered edition below. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered will be available next year, starting on Jan. 23.

Photo: Square Enix