Fans of Final Fantasy have been stuck in anticipation of the latest game for what feels like an eternity now, but “there ain’t no getting offa this train we on,” and this train is *finally* heading toward to the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

We’re now just a couple weeks away from the release of the anticipated game on April 10. In order to take your mind off the wait, we’ve compiled a list of something else you can be impatient for: Final Fantasy merch from Square Enix.

Check out six of the magical items available for preorder below!

Shinra Company and Meteor Smartphone Rings | $19.99 each | Preorder now

Whether you want to show off your evil corporate pride or ability to deal damage, each of these phone rings will display your Final Fantasy love on the gadget you always have on hand. The aluminum rings improve grip and work as a stand when you’re watching behind-the-scenes videos. For adventures in this world, use it with the included car dashboard hook mount.

Rod & Holy Muddler Set | $31.99 | Preorder now

Conquer the magical abilities of Cetra to make a killer cocktail. This set includes a muddler inspired by Aerith’s Rod weapon and a mixing spoon adorned with the Holy Materia. It’s perfect for those times where you just really need a drink after defeating Shinra Electric Power Co.

Sepiroth Onyx Bracelet | $129.99 | Preorder now

Fans who want to show off their evil side can do so in style with this stone-studded bracelet that features a silver charm of Sepiroth’s one angel wing. A fall from grace has never been so chic.

Sepiroth Key Case | $229.99 | Preorder now

I didn’t know I needed a case for my keys — until now. This one is made of genuine leather and inspired by Sepiroth, with his shoulder armor and angel wing embellished in silver. There are four clasps inside to keep keys in place (away from harming your valuables) and it has a snap button on the outside so you can show it off on your belt loop or purse strings. Fans of Midgar’s worst citizen should also check out the Sepiroth Wallet above ($369.99) and Tri-fold ($299.99).

Aerith Leather Necklace | $169.99 | Preorder now

Cosplayers rejoice — this one’s for you. This Tochigi leather necklace is designed to look exactly like the jewelry Aerith wears in Final Fantasy VII Remake, decorated with a freshwater pearl and a flower made from gold-plated silver. I’m not saying it will give you magical powers, but with its flowing beauty (which is adjustable between 14-16 inches long), it will be hard not to feel like you’re one of a kind.

Shinra Notebook | $29.99 | Preorder now

Write down all your deepest desires for taking over the world — or your grocery list — in this hardcover notebook, engraved with the die-cast Shinra Electric Power Company logo. A map of Gaia adorns the bright, red pages in the front of the book and the standards of Shinra employees are bulleted in the back. The pages inside are fully blank so your evil, corporate mind can get to work.

Photos: Square Enix