Barbie is one of the most-iconic women of all time, and Forever 21 is celebrating the classic doll with a new collection that blends her love of pink with her girl-power ideals.

The collection includes a variety of clothes and accessories for women in standard and plus sizes. (There are also some kids’ styles!)

You can check out the full collection here, but some of the highlights include a tiny pink purse, a faux patent leather Barbie dress, a sheer jacket, and a button-up shirt featuring Barbie’s iconic pink convertible.

There are also some great graphic T-shirt and hoodie designs that feature empowering phrases written over photos of Barbies. The phrases include”I didn’t come to play,” “BRB taking over the world,” and “All my Barbies were bosses.”

BRB, going to buy this whole collection!

Photos: Forever 21