Square Enix is at it again with another well-timed release for the holiday season. Final Fantasy fans were revved up by Square Enix’s recent announcement of an exclusive Final Fantasy VII Remake preorder on its online store. If you haven’t heard about the release yet, then get ready to #fuelyourfandom with this awesome new merch.

You probably came here to see how you can get your hands on a free gift. Here’s the skinny: Preorder any edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake from the Square Enix Store and you’ll receive a Final Fantasy VII Remake lanyard included for free! It’s that simple.

The lanyard features beautifully rendered images of your favorite characters from the game. The characters include Cloud, Aerith, and Barret. The lanyard is a Square Enix Store exclusive, so you better preorder now if you want to get this limited-time gift item.

If you’re already ahead of the game and have the game preordered, don’t worry: The lanyard will be added to your existing preorder. You won’t be missing out on any bonuses for beating the holiday rush.

Three editions of the game are available from the Square Enix Store, and the lanyard is included with preorders for them all! As an added bonus, if you preorder any version of the game, you’ll also receive the Chocobo Chick Summoning Materia DLC. Free stuff and a game remake? What more could a fan ask for this holiday season?

Photos: Square Enix