Get ready for the one with the LEGO bricks!

This morning, LEGO tweeted a short video previewing new products inspired by the classic sitcom FriendsIn the 14-second video, we see the six main characters as LEGO minifigures, recreating the final moments of the show’s theme song — sitting on a LEGO brick couch, of course.

There are no other details at this point, other than the fact that these sets are “coming soon.”

The timing makes a lot of sense for this line, as the show celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Warner Bros. recently announced a themed pop-up experience in New York City to celebrate the show, and tickets are already sold out.

Which scene from friends do you want to see in LEGO form? Central Perk? Monica’s apartment? The infamous “Pivot!” stairwell? Hopefully all of them. Stay tuned for additional details.

Photo: LEGO