A Spider-Man Valentine’s Day message | Source: Fun.com

Fun.com killed it with a selection of free, fandom-inspired holiday cards late last year, and now the fandom merch retailer is here to spread some equally geeky Valentine’s Day cheer.

This year’s batch of pop culture Valentine’s Day cards includes 11 different designs, all available as printable PDFs and downloadable e-cards. The designs encompass a variety of fandoms, including Marvel, D&D, Ghostbusters, The Matrix, Sonic, The Witcher, and Wheel of Time.

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Perhaps the most notable design in the bunch is a Spider-Man Valentine that depicts the web-slinger alongside the message “You’re Unforgettable” (pictured top). Anyone who has seen Spider-Man: No Way Home will understand the — devastating — emotional significance of this simple sentiment!

More of the fandom Valentine’s Day cards from Fun.com | Source: Fun.com/the Pop Insider

Other cards in this e-collection feature more light-hearted phrases, including the punny “I want you Mjol-near” (which is accompanied by an illustrated Thor) and “Toss a heart to your Witcher,” which is paired with Geralt holding a heart-shaped balloon.

For a more platonic vibe, there is a “You’re the sweetest” message, paired with an adorable Mini-Puft from Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and a Sonic the Hedgehog valentine that says “You’re way past cool.”

Check out the full lineup of free fandom valentines here!