Hidden inside the Cave of Wonders, perfectly timed with the upcoming theatrical release, is a new mystery treasure box from collectibles manufacturer Funko.

Available exclusively at Hot Topic, the mystery box celebrates iconic movie moments in time for Aladdin‘s debut in theaters.

Diamonds in the rough can find a variety of surprises tucked inside the patterned cardboard box befitting Agrabah’s royalty. The contents include a vinyl Pop! Jafar as the Serpent — entangling Aladdin — along with a Toy Abu Mystery Minifigure, a scarab enamel pin, and a Genie lamp keychain.

The boxes are available now at Hot Topic, originally retailing for $32.90 with a special 20% off sale price of $26.32. (Hey, gotta stay one jump ahead of the competition, right?)

With this box set, it’ll feel like your own Arabian Night.

Photo: Funko