There’s no time like Friday, especially when it’s Funko Friday! The collectibles giant drops another round of FUNtastic Funko Pops this week. Prepare to get Pop!ed with a great selection of some of your childhood favorites.


Celebrate the Festival of Fools and stroll by the Seine with the magic of Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame figures: Pop! Quasimodo, Pop! Fool and Pop! Esmerelda


Can’t get enough Disney? Well have no fear, Miguel Rivera is here as a Hot Topic exclusive! He’s gone un poco loco with the glitter and received a Pop! Makeover in diamond crusted glory. Add him to your Funko familia for even more Disney magic!


Colonel Sanders comes to Pop! In PEZ form. Instead of dispensing delicious fried chicken rubbed in 11 herbs and spices, he dispenses yummy candy into the palm of your hand. Get it on Amazon before it’s finger lickin’ gone!


I’m dead to everyone unless I try to become what I may be”  Pay homage to Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi classic Dune with the handsome heir to the House Atreides, Pop! Paul Atreides. The Muad’Dib’s chief nemesis, Pop! Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen is not to be trusted.


Where’s Waldo? Well, right here of course! He’s been hiding for 32 years, I’d say it’s time to show him off! Add the elusive Pop! Waldo to your collection and bring the red and white striped master of hide and seek to your own home.


Don’t worry sports fans, Funko has you covered with its NBA Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan as a 10-inch Pop! in a red away jersey. Not a fan of red? A 10-inch Pop! Michael Jordan in a white NBA Chicago Bulls home jersey will be exclusive to Foot Locker

Photos: Funko