It’s that time of the week again: Funko Friday! This week, as we entered the second month of 2020, Funko gave us four new lines of must-have figures to add to our preorder carts.

First, fans can prepare for a magical journey with the official line of Funko Pop! figures for Onward, the upcoming Pixar film starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland. The offerings include Barley Lightfoot, his brother Ian Lightfoot, Dad, and Manticore figures. There are also some retailer-exclusive Onward figures, including a Unicorn (with a chase variant) from Hot Topic and Barley in cosplay from Amazon.

Keeping with the magical Disney theme, Funko also released some additional Frozen 2 offerings, and these are all about the movie’s adorable sidekicks. The three new figures are Olaf with Bruni, Bruni the fire salamander, and Elsa riding Nokk.

Switching gears a bit, Funko also added to its Pokémon lineup this week with four new adorable species. Have Vulpix, MewTwo, Mr. Mime, or Pichu ever looked cuter?

In addition to these offerings, the company announced a PopCultcha-exclusive, limited-edition Pop! firefighter with a koala. All proceeds from the figure will go to the RSPCA National Bushfire Appeal to support Australian animals. For younger Funko fans, there is also a new Target-exclusive line of kid-sized Marvel Pop! T-shirts that each come with a pocket-sized Pop! figure.

Photos: Funko