Funko again, Funko again, jiggety-jig. Funko Friday is here once more! After a long week of spilled coffee and sleepless nights, fans of the collectible giant’s geek-fueled products can sit back and relax with a new release of Funko Pop! figures to ease into their weekend.

First up, Funko has released new versions of your favorite furry friend. Bring the adventures of the cute feline Pusheen into your own home with a new Pop! Pusheen. Two new figures show Pusheen indulging on a delicious piece of pepperoni and cheese pizza. For an extra dash of cuteness, Pusheen can also be purchased holding a heart. Pusheen is ready to warm your heart this weekend as Old Man Winter takes over our thermostats. 

Go on an epic adventure to the continent of Xadia with these Funko figures! Journey to a world where magic is real and humans struggle for power against fearsome dragons. Fans of the animated series The Dragon Prince can bring home their favorite characters from the show. Pick from Pop! Callum, the Moonshadow elf assassin Pop! Rayla; Pop! Ezran, the crown prince of Katolis; and Pop! Zym, the titular Dragon Prince.

“Blood, sweat, and respect. The first two you give. The last you earn. Give it. Earn it.” Show your love for your favorite WWE Superstars by bringing home some of WWE’s most iconic wrestlers in Funko form. Choose between some iconic faces, such as Pop! John Cena as the Dr. of Thuganomics, Pop! Hulk Hogan, and Pop! “Mean” Gene Okerlund. If getting pummeled in a wrestling ring doesn’t sound like a fantastic experience, then get off the hypothetical bleachers and jump into the ring with your favorite competitors as Funko Pop!s instead!

Photos: Funko