Ahoy, mateys! Funko Friday is here once more, and we have your weekly recap of the must-have merch coming soon from the collectibles manufacturer. Check out some of our favorite characters who are about to get Funko Pop!ped below.


Hey, dingus! Celebrate the third season of Stranger Things with new Pop!s of Robin Buckley (ready for a shift at Scoops Ahoy) and Alexei the Russian scientist slurping on a slushie beverage (photo above). Funko, you rule.


Get ready for a fantasy adventure. Funko drops new Pop! figures straight out of Dungeons & Dragons. They’ve got Asmodeous as the Lord of the Nine Hells, Mind Flayer, and Minsc and Boo, ready to protect your collector’s shelf.

Not enough new Funkos for ya? Don’t worry, there’s plenty more in store that you’ll definitely want to add to your collection: The precious Coca-Cola Polar Bear and the Energizer Bunny Pop! are ready to drum up some excitement. Plus, Funko announced a villainous cosmetics collection earlier this week based on the most iconic Disney villains. Cheers, witches!

Photos: Funko