Happy Valentine’s Day from the one who loves us the most: Funko.

This week, Funko announced brand-new Pokémon figures focusing on Eevee and an exclusive Emerald City Comic Con (EMCC) figures, as well as released *punderful* Valentine’s Day cards (I’m not sorry). Check it all out below!

Pokémon is always there for us. Following the success of the Pokémon Company International and Funko collaboration A Day with Pikachu, the companies are teaming together again for An Afternoon of Eevee and Friends. The collectible line will showcase Eevee’s different evolutions along with some of its best pals. 

Fans can expect the Eevee line to launch on Feb. 18, followed by one new character each month. The figures — in order of the month they will be launched — are Vaperon, Sylveon, Glaceon, Flareon, Espeon, Jolteon, Leafeon, and Umbreon. Find more info here!

“Welcome to EMCC I love you,” — Funko (probably).

Funko is no stranger to comic cons and will be attending EMCC from March 12-15 (so will we!) with a ton of exclusives. Check out the picture above to know which booth you need to run toward first, and find more details on Funko’s website. I can’t get over the Glow-in-the-Dark Loch Ness Monster and the 10-inch Indiana Jones, but there are tons of fandom-fueled Funkos that you can bring home.

The puns are strong in this one.

Celebrate the loving holiday with Valentine’s cards featuring Funko Freddy and other iconic characters. There are 12 cards to choose from, and you can easily print them out by clicking on the images on the website. They conveniently come in two sheets of six. I it. 

Photo: Funko