Funko is back at it with another round of Game of Thrones Pop! vinyl figures to kick off the eighth and final season.

The series continues with King in the North Jon Snow, who is ready to defeat the Night King at all costs to claim his seat on the Iron Throne.

Jon Snow will be the second Funko Pop! figure to ride a dragon in the Pop! Rides collection, following his bae/cousin Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons. It’s super gross, but it’s still cool he gets to ride a dragon! Rhaegal is looking so excited to fly off with Jon, who is looking like he’s about to pee his pants.

The King in the North will also return as a new Pop! vinyl figure for the GoT season-eight collection. He’s back to his normal fierce stance and wielding his Longclaw sword. Jon is dressed in his medieval armor straight from the HBO show, including his chest plate engraved with two Stark family crests, perfect for kicking some White Walker butt.

Both new Pop! figures are available to preorder from Entertainment Earth and will launch in November.

Photo: Funko