HBO and Dire Wolf Digital teamed up to bring Game of Thrones fans a tabletop game of deception for five to eight players. Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker is a social deduction game in which one player claims the Iron Throne while the others become Lords and Ladies of the great houses of Westeros, scheming for the King’s favor, for power, or to take down the dynasty.

The game is designed for ages 14 and up and has a playing time of 30-45 minutes. All of the players have a secret agenda as loyalists or conspirators, playing as any of the 12 unique characters.

The game comes with two double-sided game boards; six double-sided character boards; six house sigils; a Hand of the King emblem; 60 reward cubes; 125 cards; 33 oversized mission cards; order, chaos, and round trackers; and a rulebook. It will be available for $35.

Photo: Dire Wolf Digital