Just when you thought your Monopoly board and Jenga towers were safe, … the ultimate monster is here to tear everything apart. 

Usaopoly (The Op), is teaming up with Japan-based Toho International Inc., to bring us Monopoly: Godzilla and Jenga: Godzilla Extreme Edition — two new monster-packed editions of the classic games.

Godzilla made his first appearance on the big screen in 1954 and has since starred in more than 30 Godzilla films made in Japan and the U.S., along with endless references throughout pop culture today. 

In Monopoly: Godzilla, players will vie to collect iconic kaiju in their familiar settings, such as Rodan on Monster Island (formerly known as Boardwalk) and Mothra on Infant Island (formerly known as Park Place) in order to reign supreme. The six collectible movers include Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, King Ghidorah, and more. 

Jenga: Godzilla Extreme Edition includes Godzilla-themed Jenga blocks, die, and approach track. 

jenga godzilla

“Since the 1950s, Godzilla has spawned a worldwide fan base,” says John M. Davis, The Op’s president and CEO. “Today, with our games, older fans can nostalgically relive childhood memories while introducing their families and younger generations to the world’s most revered monster.” 

Monopoly: Godzilla ($39.99) and Jenga: Godzilla Extreme Edition ($19.99) will both be available throughout specialty stores this spring.

Photos: Usaopoly (The Op)