University Games is rolling the dice on a new extension of its Front Porch Classics brand.

The Guinness Pub Game Series taps into the legacy and heritage of Guinness with a collection of four classic games that feature artwork from the brand’s library of vintage advertising materials. Check out the titles below!

Game Options

  • Epic Coaster Game offers players 12 ways to play, all of which require players to toss, balance, carry, or flip coasters. The game comes with a collection of high-quality coasters with classic Guinness artwork.
  • World’s 20 Best Dice Games includes Yacht, Farkl, Ship, Captain & Crew, Seven-up, Bowling Dice, and Letter Rip. The game comes with 26 solid wood dice, pencils, a score pad, and an instruction booklet that all fit neatly inside a travel-sized box.
  • Shut-The-Box is one of the world’s classic pub games, and here it is presented in solid wood with a look and feel that matches the Guinness pub heritage. Players roll the dice, then flip the numbers to spell “Guinness.”
  • Liar’s Dice challenges players to attempt to outbid, out-bluff, and outlast their opponents. The game includes felt-lined cups that can be stored inside a decorative dice box that is perfect for display.

The games are available now, just in time for those holiday gatherings!

Photos: University Games