Muggles without access to Hermione’s enchanted bag don’t fear — there’s a new magical way to carry all your things: Harry Potter tote bags.

Out of Print previously released a tote bag based on the Sorcerer’s Stone, but now bags designed with each of the seven of the books in mind are available. Each bag is printed with the illustration (done by Mary GrandPré) from the original books’ front and back U.S. covers. They’re made in the USA out of 100% cotton canvas and measure 15 inches by 17 inches.

Purchasing the bag can make you feel good, too, knowing that some of the proceeds go to funding literacy programs and book donations for communities in need. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to manage some mischief or carry all of your Harry Potter books everywhere you go.

Accio charm your wallet, and then find all seven bags for $20 each on Out of Print

Photo: Out of Print