Vans is working on a Harry Potter shoe collection, slowly dropping hints on the magical designs that have us jumping up and down like we’re about to try on the sorting hat for the first time. We finally got a look at the Hogwarts-themed sneakers, with a photo showing off one pair of shoes for each house in classic Vans silhouettes.

Gryffindors can wear red-and-gold striped Sk8-His with a house crest, Slytherins can slip into green-and-black Eras with faux dragon scales, Ravenclaws can don blue-and-gray Authentics with a checkerboard pattern, and Hufflepuffs can try on black classic slip-ons with a badger and the word “Hufflepuff” on each shoe. If you find yourself drawn to one style over the others, fingers crossed that the sorting hat will take your choice into account.

Vans will announce additional Harry Potter footwear styles, as well as men’s and women’s apparel and accessories at a later date. Accio new shoes!

Photo: Vans