On May 24, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures will unleash filmmaker Guy Ritchie’s live-action reimagining of 1992’s animated classic, Aladdin. A new Disney film means that there will be new Disney toys, and Aladdin is no exception!

Earlier today, Will Smith (Genie) presented Mena Massoud (Aladdin) and Naomi G. Scott (Princess Jasmine) with their first-ever fashion dolls from Hasbro. Of course, the Fresh Prince is quick to point out on YouTube that Genie “is not a doll — it’s an action figure!” He says in the comments that there’s a difference. That’s debatable.

In addition to a range of individually sold dolls in a variety of styles, Hasbro is releasing the Agrabah Collection — a five-doll collection available for preorder on Hasbro Pulse. The set includes Aladdin, dressed in his Prince Ali costume, with Princess Jasmine and her best friend Dalia, the wisecracking Genie, and the evil Jafar. The full collection of Aladdin products hits stores on April 22.

You could say that it’s a whole new world of fun for kids and collectors, right? Collect ’em all!

Photo: Disney