After a lukewarm initial release of Baby Yoda merch on (and a small offering from Funko and Mattel), Hasbro has come to the internet bearing holiday gifts!

Fans of the Child, star of Disney+‘s new The Mandolorian series, can now preorder some supes adorbs Baby Yoda merch on Hasbro Pulse, nothing like the disappointing screen-printed T-shirts we saw previously. The bad news is that while you can stake your merch claims now, the toys aren’t scheduled to ship until May.

Figures range from $9.99-24.99, so they aren’t going to break anyone’s bank (? hallelujah ?). The slate currently includes six the Child figures, but there have to be more on the way. (Right? PLEASE?!)

Check them out below!

Star Wars The Child Talking Plush Toy | $24.99

Posable arms let kids pretend the Force is within their reach, while a squeeze of the toy’s soft plush body activates character sounds! The plush toy also includes a bone broth bowl and a Sorgan frog.

Star Wars The Child 6.5-inch Figure | $19.99

Featuring live-action, TV series-inspired design and several points of articulation for posable fun, the 6.5-inch figure enables kids ages 4 and up (or, you know, 32…) to role-play their favorite moments from The Mandalorian.

Star Wars The Black Series The Child Toy Action Figure | $9.99

The 1.1-inch action figure is styled to look like our very favorite Child and features premium details and multiple points of articulation for allll the fun. The figure also comes with three accessories.

2.2-Inch Figures | $15.99

OK, hold onto your hats! There are THREE different sets of TWO 2.2-inch figures to collect (all pictured above)! TBH I can’t even choose the best one because I NEED AS MANY BABY YODAS AS I CAN GET. It’s too bad these lil’ figs won’t be here in time for the holidays, but they are an awesome start to any Star Wars collection. You can buy them here, here, and here!

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Photos: Hasbro