Get pumped, Marvel fans! Hasbro is launching a Spider-Man: Maximum Venom product line ahead of the sequel to 2018’s Venom, starring Tom Hardy. Collectors can expect a variety of action figures that will be available later this year to pay respect to the Spider-Man villain.

Check out some of the collectibles below.

Hasbro Venom

Get gooey with the Spider-Man Maximum Venom 12.5-Inch Venom Ooze Figure, which includes purple ooze that you can place in the back of the figure to make it drip out of Venom’s mouth. You can also turn the knob on the figure’s back to flick its tongue.

Hasbro Venom

The Spider-Man Maximum Venom Iron Man vs. Venomized Hulk Figure Two-Pack includes 12-inch figures based on the Spider-Man Maximum Venom animated series on Disney XD.

Hasbro Venom

Ghost-Spider is ready to kick butt in this 12-inch Spider-Man Maximum Venom Titan Hero Ghost-Spider Figure.

Hasbro Venom

Miles Morales gets a scary makeover with the Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch Venomized Miles Morales Figure.

The Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch Venomized Captain America Figure (pictured top) takes Cap and turns him into the bad guy. It will be available exclusively at Walmart this fall.

The Venom sequel is currently in production, so this toothy baddie will likely show up in all kinds of merch in the near future.

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Photos: Hasbro