The half-demon superhero Hellboy has helped protect the earth in comic books, graphic novels, three live-action films, animated films, video games — and has now entered into the world of beer!

The 666 Limited Edition Hellboy Collector’s Boxes from Oregon’s Gigantic Brewing and Dark Horse Comics feature Hellboy themed-beer, based on award-winning artist and writer Mike Mignola’s legendary character and retail for $99. 

The Hellboy Collector’s Boxes contain all six of the Gigantic Hellboy Beers; a limited-edition, 6-inch by 9-inch collector’s print of the art on each custom label by Mignola and Dave Stewart (printed for this release only); and a tap handle magnet for each character. The 666 cases for sale are each hand-numbered.

The acclaimed Hellboy beers were first introduced last year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Hellboy comic: Hellboy: Seed of Destruction.

The six different Hellboy beers are inspired by fan-favorite characters from the Hellboy comic books. Check them out below.

  • Hellboy – Maple Syrup Pancake Beer (6.66% abv)
  • Liz Sherman – Mole Chili Stout (6.66% abv)
  • Johann Kraus – Citrus Wit Beer (6.66% abv)
  • Abe Sapien – Indigo Blue Fruit Ale (6.66% abv)
  • Blood Queen – Cranberry Yuzu Sour (6.66% abv)
  • Trevor Bruttenholm – British Barleywine (9.99% abv)

Starting today, 600 of the boxes are now available on the Tavour app. The remaining boxes will go on sale at the Gigantic Taproom in Portland, Oregon, at noon on Feb. 29. Posters of label art and other items are available on, where fans from coast to coast can also find out where Hellboy individual bottles are sold.

Photo: Dark Horse Comics and Gigantic Brewing