Somehow there are only three episodes left (a trilogy, if you will) of The Clone Wars, the animated Star Wars series that found a new home on Disney+ for its final season.

As fans prepare for the end of a show that spanned 11 years, seven seasons, and three networks/streaming platforms, they can order new Clone Wars-inspired clothing from Her Universe to wear during their Jedi training quarantine workouts.

The new line features plenty of outfits inspired by Ahsoka Tano, including snap track pants ($49.90) and an activewear tank top ($24.90-29.90), pictured above. The love for Ahsoka is only natural, because Her Universe founder Ashely Eckstein voices Anakin Skywalker‘s former Padawan in The Clone Wars.

Other highlights in the new, activewear-heavy collection include a racerback tank top ($24.90) and a zip-up hoodie ($64.90) that feature Yoda’s iconic saying, “Do or do not, there is no try.” There is also an Order 66-themed sweatshirt ($49.90, pictured) that features “CLONE” across the back, with a helmet in place of the “O.”

For those who prefer the dark side, there are even two Darth Maul-inspired shirts. One is a red, long-sleeved tie-die top ($39.90) and the other is T-shirt featuring designs from Maul’s body tattoos ($32.90, pictured).

Fans can check out the full collection at to find even more force-filled looks.

Photos: Her Universe