Well, kids, it’s official: 2019 is quite a time to be alive.

High Concepts, a startup making toys and games that are more fun when you’re high, is launching its first product — High Ball — via Kickstarter.

Designed by retired toy inventor Jim Becker (formerly of SmartLab toys) and his daughter, Lila Becker (of toy design firm Fugafour), High Ball is the world’s first patented, interactive, motion-sensing game designed with the “high” in mind. It features two modes: High and Really High.

Regular ol’ High Mode is meant for players who are just a bit lit and want an exciting challenge. The premise is pretty simple: Players try to locate a single colored panel from the High Ball’s 12 independently LED-lit zones before time runs out. As the game progresses, they’ll have to navigate increasingly subtle shades of colored panels over the course of seven rounds.

Really High Mode is “for entertaining yourself when you’re thoroughly bazooped.” (Lolwut?!) Players encounter four Really High visual and auditory experiences. In this mode, there’s no score, winning, or losing.

“Lila and I have been building things together since she was a little girl,” Jim Becker says. “But after years of collaborating and sharing ideas for kids’ toys, this project really made us stretch and think in an entirely new way.”

The game looks fun, yes; but honestly, my favorite part is the video, in which you see some very giddy friends gathered around a table littered with artfully placed Cheetos and other snacks food. So, you know, count me in. Take a look at the video below.

The game, which includes the 5-inch diameter High Ball, a clear stand, and a micro USB charging cable, will retail for $40, but it’s available to Kickstarter backers for $20 (shipping in September).

Photos: High Ball