Rumors were rampant as early as last October that Pepper Potts would finally suit up and join Tony Stark in battle during the fourth Avengers movie. Thankfully, that fan prediction did come true during last month’s Avengers: Endgame, with Potts donning the Rescue Suit — introduced earlier in the movie as an anniversary present Tony is working on — for the movie’s final battle scene.

Now that the spoiler ban for the movie is long gone, Potts is finally getting the action figure treatment she deserves. There is already a Rescue figure from Hasbro, but Hot Toys just introduced a new 1:16-scale Rescue figure to its Movie Masterpiece series.

Rescue Figure Pieces

Like the company’s other Endgame figures, Rescue is very posable, featuring 30 points of articulation. She also comes with two interchangeable heads — including one with a removable mask — LED-lit armor, and multiple accessories.

Fans will have to wait a while before adding this detailed, girl-powered action figure to their collection, though. It isn’t expected to launch until early 2021.

Photos: Hot Toys