Photo: Insomniac Games

Gamers, get ready for nearly a full day of  Spider-Man when the new Insomniac PS4 game drops this September.

As community director of Insomniac Games James Stevenson confirmed on Twitter, the new PS4 Marvel’s Spider-Man game takes approximately 20 hours to beat.

Stevenson notes that the 20-hour period is the length of the average passage of time from multiple toy testers, playing on the default difficulty setting and only completing some of the optional quests and activities. It’s noted that if you do more activities, it will take “a lot longer.”

In comparison, Game Spot notes, most of Insomniac’s games can be completed in 10 hours, except their Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One, which also takes about 20 hours to beat.

With this information that the new Spider-Man game will take about 20 hours to complete, epic levels and all, if you use your Spidey skills, you can totally conquer it in under a weekend, right?

Marvel’s Spider-Man releases exclusively for PS4 on September 7.

h/t Game Spot