If you’re still getting chills from the shocking trailer for It: Chapter Two, you may not quite be ready for USAopoly’s new game, but it’s on the way nonetheless.

Based on the 2017 remake of the Stephen King classic, the Op’s IT: Evil Below puts two to seven players smack in the middle of Derry, Maine, as they become the members of the Losers’ Club. Bill Denbrough and his friends are on high alert on a mission to overpower Pennywise, the supernatural menace who resurfaces every 27 years to terrorize children. The cooperative strategy game follows the seven heroes as they traverse their neighborhood, using character-specific abilities that maintain the needed courage to defeat Pennywise. If just one player runs out of health, the group has failed and Pennywise wins. But, you know, there’s no pressure or anything. …

Fans of the horror franchise will be drawn to the spine-tingling portrait of the killer on the game’s box top, while the friends they bullied into playing with them are cowering in the background (It me!).

IT: Evil Below game

Intended for mature players ages 17 and up, IT: Evil Below will have you immersed in a chilling, edge-of-your-seat experience. Players can try to tip fate onto their sides to overpower Pennywise using specialized abilities, such as Denbrough’s limitless card hand, which allows him to draw a card and arm himself whenever he must fight Pennywise. Custom dice add a bit of thrill — and dread! — to every roll, but players just have to get over their fears to move forward and defeat the villain.

IT: Evil Below will be available for $29.95 this fall. The jury is still out on how *good* this news is.

Photos: The Op