joker figure

Few pop culture moments and images from this year are quite as memorable as Joaquin Phoenix dancing down a set of Gotham City stairs in DC’s Joker.

To commemorate the success of the film and Phoenix’s dark performance as the troubled Arther Fleck, DC Comics and Warner Bros. are releasing an official collectible statue (pictured above) designed and produced by NTWRK. The 10-inch, hand-painted and hand-sculpted piece depicts Fleck as he descends the stairs, dressed in his full Joker attire for the Murray Franklin show.

The figure costs $200 and will have a very limited run of 200 pieces worldwide. Fans can get their hands on one starting tomorrow, Dec. 4, at 9 p.m. ET from the NTWRK app or site. Be sure to sign up for a NTWRK account in advance because you must sign in to purchase a figure.

Photo: NTWRK