Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting even more ultimate today with new, paid downloadable content (DLC) and some free updates.

Persona 5 fans should get their wallets ready because now their Super Smash Bros. brawls can feature Megami Tensei elements. The new DLC, available now for the Nintendo Switch system, includes Joker as a new playable fighter, the Mementos stage, and multiple music tracks from the Persona series.

The Challenger 1 pack, which includes all of the Persona content, is available for $5.99. Players can also purchase the Fighters Pass for $24.99, which will give them access to Joker and the other upcoming four Challenger Packs when they release.

There are also some new, free updates to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, available for download starting today. Three major highlights of version three include Stage Builder, a new mode where players can customize their stages; Video Editor, which players can use to splice together video content from the game; and Smash World, a new service where players can share videos and Stage Builder creations.

Nintendo also released a video for these announcements, showing Joker in action and detailing the updates. Check it out below.

Photo: Nintendo