Kenny G is dropping the sax-iest album board game of the year.

Big G Creative, the crew behind General Mills Monster Crunch: The Breakfast Battle Game, The Home Alone Game, and Bob Ross: Art of Chill, are back again with a fresh new game from an unexpected inspiration. Kenny G: Keepin’ It Saxy is based on the daily life of the “Songbird”-playing king of sexy sax, and it’s available now at Target. And no, Big G is no relation to Kenny G, despite both being certified Gs.

“I never imagined that following a day in my life would be turned into a game that is so much fun,” says Kenny G. “Keepin’ it Saxy is a great combination of what I celebrate in life: music, laughter, and spending time with friends and family.”

The cooperative card game is geared toward players 12 and up and encourages players to work together to move the Kenny G game token around the board. In order to keep Kenny G in the groove, players will have to overcome obstacles, such as a lost wallet, a broken sax reed, a traffic jam in Malibu, running out of hair product, and even the unspeakable horror of mismatched socks. Curious how it all works? Rules Girl has the answer to that in just three minutes.

Keepin’ It Saxy contains one Kenny G mover, a game board, 16 groove tokens, 62 sax cards, 36 event cards, three dice, one first player marker, and instructions. If you’re gonna have a game night, you might as well make it saxy!

Photos: Big G Creative