Too intimidated (aka broke) to get into the art toy game? Kidrobot’s newest line might be your rabbit-sized foot in the door.

The Bhunny, a new 4-inch tall vinyl form featuring beloved licensed characters, is the freshest face in art toy purveyors Kidrobot’s portfolio.

The first series debuts with fan-favorite icons SpongeBob SquarePants, Beetlejuice, Bob Ross, Hello Kitty, Godzilla, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Donatello.

Each figure shares a similarly large, curved head on a stout little body, but the details of those shapes and colors shift from figure to figure: Hello Kitty has her bow, Beetlejuice has his flowing locks, and Bob Ross has his larger-than-life ‘do.

The figures each come with a unique Bhunny Paw keychain, a stylized version of a lucky rabbit’s foot, as a bonus collectible.

At $11.99 each, the Bhunny series aims to be an attainable buy for both the art toy newcomer and the avid completionist. The Godzilla model will be available exclusively to Loot Crate subscribers in March, while the rest of the series will drop throughout the year.

Photos: Kidrobot