Six brooms, two teams, one challenge. That’s the premise behind Broomstick League, a new game set to launch on Steam Early Access in January. In the game, players ride broomsticks in an arena, passing a magical orb and using it to score goals. Each player is equipped with a wand and can use magic to dodge enemies and defend their goal.

Now, this premise may sound very familiar to all the Potterheads out there. No, this isn’t *technically* Quidditch, nor does it include any characters, terms, or locations from the Wizarding World. But anyone who knows they’d make a great keeper, beater, or seeker will feel at home in this virtual arena.

The game — from Blue Isle Studios — does seem aware of the parallels, going so far as describing the game as “Less ‘Harry,’ more action. More fun.”

Broomstick League is set to officially debut at TwitchCon in San Diego, from Sept. 27-29. Check out some magic-packed action in the gameplay trailer below.

What do you think: a slight to JKR, or a fun Wizarding World tribute that any would-be wizard will love?

Photo: Blue Isle Studios